You have to be in it to win it! See below for the current Student Club competitions as well as a list of previous winners.

New year, new you!

Whether it’s the new university year, or a shiny new job, all of us could do with some extra help towards a new set of threads. In 25 x words or less tell us your ultimate fashion disaster and you’ll go into the draw to win one of five $150 Iconic vouchers.

…And if you don’t win you can still save 15% off all Iconic exclusives with your Student Club membership card. Terms and conditions apply^1.

Previous winners

Congratulations to the lucky winners of our competition - Emily Macnaughton, Anthony Nguyen, Tapan Bhavsar, Emily Richards and Harrison Gist. They have all won themselves an awesome $500 STA Travel voucher. 

Date drawn: January 2019

Congratulations to the lucky winners of our HOYTS Lux movie vouchers – Emily Cirona, Esther Nixon, Maeva Magny, Mandy Soo and Katy Middleton.

Date drawn: November 2018

Amber Cole, Fiona Keller, Asli Aslan and Meghan Mano are the lucky winners of the O-week survival kit.

Date drawn: March 2018

A huge congratulations to Amber Cole, Carol Myburgh, Margaret Quynh Tran, Stephen Brown and Tara White who are the lucky winners of a $100 Uber Eats voucher in our “Dinner’s on us” competition.

Date drawn: March 2018

Congratulations to Aloka Weerasinghe, Paris Javid, Liam Anning, Patrick Evans and Stephanie Fankhauser who are the lucky winners of the Study Survival Kit valued at $100!

Date drawn: December 2017

Congratulations to Graham Elphick, Caitlin Umstad, Carol Nhan, Helen Cab and Jason Luowhoare the lucky winners of the Study Survival Kit valued at $100!

Date drawn: November 2017

A huge congratulations to Sandra Rojka, Sou Nguyen, Jeruscha Schanda, Penny Hall and Maheshi Weerasinghe who are the lucky winners of the $100 Red Balloon gift vouchers in our “Excite your senses” competition.

Date drawn: September 2017

Emily Natoli, Kaylah Edwards, Gregor Newton, Marteenah Shonoodh and Jacinta Colvin who are the lucky winners of the $100 STA travel vouchers in our Winter Escape competition.

Date drawn: August 2017

Andrew Lim, Mikaela Leach, Kerry-Ann Weirick, Natasha Fitzgerald and Jordana Varricchio are our wonderful winners of the winter get up competition.

Date drawn: July 2017

Stephanie, Helen, Athalina, Sam, Renee and Angela are our wonderful winners of the bucket list kick starter packs.

Date drawn: April 2017

Annabelle, Katy and Jordon were the lucky winners of the VIP Moonlight Cinema Gold Grass prize packs.

Date drawn: January 2017

Tara, Kyle, Lisa, Adele, Alaoise, Gabby, Hadis, Shantell, Jessica and Megan, the ten lucky winners of the Hoyts double movie passes from the update your details competition.

Date drawn: December 2016

BIG congratulations to Chloe, who was the lucky winner!

Date drawn: September 2016

Rosanna, Ash, Fiona, Patricia and Adele were the five lucky winners of the #WarmandFuzzy competition.

Date drawn: August 2016

Tegan, Dukika, Cahn, Claire and Sophia were the five lucky winners of the #ChocolateOverload prize!

Date drawn: May 2016