Stand out from the crowd

Get ahead with your career

Top 3 tips on how to get ahead and kick start your career while studying.

Did you know?

Only 65% of university graduates, and 58% of Cert III or higher graduates, are in full-time work four months after graduating^1?

So to get ahead, why not pump up your skills and networking by doing work placement or an internship.

They’re a great way to get a better understanding of the actual ins and outs of the work you’d be doing when you graduate.

Plus, you can add this experience to your resume. Not to mention the number of industry relevant contacts you’ll make.

You might be thinking of how to get started…

Use your connections

Hustle with your connections, no matter how loosely they are tied to you, to increase your opportunities of gaining experience at your dream job.

Whether it’s your neighbour, cousins’ personal trainer or not so chummy Facebook friend, simply ask for a hand about job roles and career advice!

Be proactive

Companies and businesses love it when they see proactivity. So take the initiative to email your ideal workplace and ask if there are any opportunities to do work experience or an internship with them.

Search online

There are plenty of groups on social media that are seeking interns or work placement opportunists. Here’s a few sites that also offer database searches specific for internships.

  1. Jeanette Pope and Rachel Mutch, Strategy, Policy and Research, Foundation for Young Australians, November 2015.