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  1. Sip on herbal or green tea

    A cup of green tea in the morning can help improve your physical performance and brain function, as well as aids in weight loss and fighting bacteria. So get cozy with a cuppa and listen to some calming music to find some zen!

  2. Meditate

    Simply sit in silence with your eyes closed, focus on your breathing and clear your mind of any thoughts for a few minutes. This process will allow your body to rid off unwanted stress – you’ll be surprised how relaxed and rejuvenated you will feel after five to ten minutes.

  3. Go for a walk outside

    Let your worries slip away by taking a 30-minute walk around your neighbourhood, local park or any natural environment of your choice. Walking allows your body to reduce stress and increase blood circulation which all contributes to your wellbeing. It’s also great to get some fresh air!

  4. Take a long bath

    Soak yourself in a hot bubble bath. Put on some candles and soft music, unwind and relax and just let your stress fade away. Treat yourself to some aromatherapy bodywash and soaps for an extra luxe experience. 

  5. Rest up

    Take a nap or make sure to get a good night’s sleep to let your body and mind recharge. Having enough rest is essential for your health and wellbeing to improve your immune system. Need help nodding off? Check out our recommended sleeping apps here.

The hardest part of finding relaxation and rest is committing a time to do it. So clear your schedule and make time to pamper you!