Nail your next video interview

Tips for turning awkward into awesome

Video job interviews are becoming more and more common. And although they’re notorious for being a bit uncomfortable, they’re not impossible to master.

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Here are three tips to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Get technically correct

    Make sure your internet, video and audio quality are all up to speed. As technology is often unreliable, remember that if you have a bad connection during the interview, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask to hang up and call again for a better connection.

  2. Put yourself in prime position

    Check the camera frame, background, lighting and camera angle, making sure your face will be front and centre. Ensure the light source is behind the camera, elevate the computer so the camera is in line with your eyes, and dress appropriately for whatever position you’re interviewing for.

  3. Don’t forget face-to-face etiquette

    In-person communication skills are still key. Keep eye contact, be polite, and be clear. Look confidently and directly into the camera when speaking to the interviewers, not at the picture of them on the screen. And remember to smile!

Remember, your interviewer is human and will understand the challenges of the video medium, so don’t sweat it. Good luck!