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Deciding on which tech device to use on the move or to aid your studies can be overwhelming. Between conventional laptops, touchscreen laptops, tablets with detachable keyboards, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

When choosing your preferred device, some things you might want to consider include price, performance, battery life, keyboard accessibility, security features and operating platform. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the performance and number of features, the higher the price. 

Conventional tablets

Generally towards the lower price point, tablets are great for portability and instant accessibility - so you can easily read up on lecture notes during your public transport commute to university. They’re good for web browsing or attending to emails while on the move (provided you’ve got wi-fi of course!)

Hybrids or 2-in-1 tablets with detachable keyboards 

Similar to conventional laptops, these tablets are particularly nifty when you need to take down notes in lectures, sketch ideas, watch a tutorial video or edit assignments on the go.


Laptops usually offer superior performance, longer battery life, more powerful processors, bigger storage capacities, and the best keyboards, which makes them super effective for working on demanding projects and assignments (or procrastinating on YouTube or Reddit). 

Tech is great for helping you stay on top of your studies, the trick is finding which option best suits your needs.