Keep calm, study on

Make exam time stress a thing of the past

You’ve got a long road ahead, but it doesn’t need to be painful. Here are five tips for keeping cool before, during and after exam time.

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  1. Don’t cram

    Studying isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Don’t burn yourself out cramming. Give yourself more time to study than you think you need to get through all the necessary material.

  2. Study well

    Pick a study spot that helps you be more productive (remove distractions), review your study guide, make note of topics that need a little extra TLC and set aside extra time for them. Practice self-care, take breaks, and rest your eyes regularly.

  3. Prepare

    Gather all your test day materials the day before. A chill night pre-exam will help minimise stress on the big day, just don’t overdo it. Avoid alcohol, drink water, and get some quality sleep.

  4. Focus

    Stay zoned in on your own personal bubble. Try not to pay attention to other students’ progress. It’s time to let all your hard work show.

  5. Treat yourself

    Reward yourself with pizza and beers, copious episodes of that TV show you’ve been bingeing, a nap, or even just a nice pat on the back. You did it! You’re a champ.