How travel makes you more employable

Find out how an overseas trip can help you land your next gig

For potential employers, your uni education and work history are obviously important. But the real-world experiences of exploring other countries and cultures can equip you with skills you won’t learn in a lecture theatre.

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Seeing the world is great for collecting awesome stories and growing personally. And, even better, more than 80% of employers think you're better suited for a job if you've been travelling abroad.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. You’re more likely to swim than sink

    When you’re abroad, you’ll become a master at living outside of your comfort zone. And this adaptability is key to workplace success. Employers want to know you can handle change at work while managing any stress or challenges that come along with it.

  2. You understand people

    Communicating across language barriers, hanging out with other backpackers in hostels and meeting the locals will give you a sixth sense when it comes to smoothly navigating social situations.

    Strong people skills make for confidence in interviews and more easy-going interactions with co-workers and clients – a win-win for you and any potential employers.

  3. You’ll arrive with an open mind

    While travelling abroad, you’ll learn that not everyone you meet will think the way you do, and that’s okay. The ability to challenge your own perspectives, and empathise with another point of view, is a valuable skill in the workplace. By approaching any workplace with an open mind, you’ll better understand your co-workers and the workplace culture, making working together easier.

When applying for that job, don’t shy away from your travel experiences – think of them as another skill to set yourself apart from the masses.