Four ways to unplug today

Practical tips to help you switch off and destress

Logging off is harder than it looks.

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We spend the bulk of our waking hours plugged in, clocking up 11 hours of screen time and checking our phones over 60 times a day. Tablets, smartphones, computers, video games, radios, TV and that trusty Netflix account, it all adds up.

With social media apps like Instagram taking serious tolls on our mental health here are our top tips to feel more productive, less stressed and just plain happier:

  1. Take a break

    A real break, that is! Put your phone down, go outside and get some fresh air and take a few minutes to meditate (trust us on this one).

  2. Turn your phone into just that – a phone

    If you’re struggling to detach yourself try out the new Lightphone - a stripped-down phone designed to be used as little as possible. It’s only function is to make calls, making it ideal for switching off from your Insta feed without being stranded in an emergency.

  3. Read a book

    Swap the digital pages for printed pages. Recent studies found that people were more relaxed just six minutes into reading and their stress levels reduced.

  4. Exercise

    Exercise releases endorphins that have been proven to wipe out those pesky stress hormones. Check out these five easy exercises you can do during lectures, at your desk or at home.