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Can I still bag a bargain?

How to find the best flight deals in 2017.

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The cost of flying has really dropped in recent years due to growing tourist numbers, increased airline competition and lower fuel costs.

At the same time, technology has stepped into the space in a major way, making it easier to find the best deals on the web.

Aggregator websites and apps like Skyscanner and Momondo scan and scour multiple travel websites to show you the cheapest fare.

Holiday sites like Trip Advisor and Expedia can also offer great deals, often packaged up with hotel stays or car bookings from providers around the world.

Airlines and hotels have also stepped up their game, offering exclusive deals through their websites, becoming increasingly more competitive with aggregator and holiday websites to win back customers.

What does this all mean?

Hotels and airlines are paying more attention to the market and are back in the game. So, do your research.

Aggregator and holiday package sites still offer great deals, but airlines and hotels are stepping up.

Check both to get the best deals possible.