Common money mistakes we all make

Lessons most of us learn the hard way

We’ve outlined some of the most common money fails so you can avoid them – or at least stop repeating them.

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There’s always room for improvement when it comes to how we manage the dollars we earn.

Try these tips to avoid common money fails!

  1. Start saving asap

    Start small by saving for the next holiday or shopping splurge instead of putting them on the credit card.

  2. Keep track of your super

    If you are a member of our super fund, our simple tool will help you track down your super, otherwise the ATO can help keep you ahead of the pack.

  3. Don’t borrow too much

    Australian’s owe the main lenders nearly $1.4 Trillion. Car loans are often the first way we get ourselves into major debt. Try a car share service like Go Get or Car Next Door instead.

  4. Ditch the credit card

    The average Australian with a credit card owes more than $4,000 and pays more than $700 in interest per year. Avoid nasty interest and fees with a debit card instead.

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