Building a great LinkedIn profile

Having a good profile will greatly increase your 'hits'

Your LinkedIn profile needs a bit of thought if you want the best results. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Always have a professional profile photo

    While you can have fun and go crazy with your Facebook photo it’s probably good to tone things down a bit and think through how you want to portray yourself to your potential employers. Stick to a professional head shot with appropriate clothing and neutral background.

  2. Fill out as much of your profile as possible

    This includes skills, volunteer associations, education, etc. This is the place to put all the interesting stuff that doesn’t fit in your resume, but paints you as a well-rounded individual.

  3. Join groups

    Join groups within your industry as they increase your profile with peers, colleagues and potential employers. Being actively involved in these groups could lead you to make new connections and maybe land a new job, especially since job listings are a common sight in these groups.

  4. Follow companies in your industry

    Most companies have LinkedIn pages they regularly update with career opportunities, jobs and news that could help you in your career.