Life is unpredictable and changes constantly. So, if your life has changed then your insurance policies might need to as well.

You may not have enough cover - or you might even have too much cover!

For example, if you or your partner were diagnosed with a terminal illness, disability or pass away, changes to your income could impact your family greatly.

Or, if your children have grown up and are no longer dependant on you, or you’ve paid off some of your debt, you may no longer need as much income protection or life insurance cover.

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Insurance cover inside super

Most super funds provide life insurance to members within their super policy. It is worth checking your super policy to make sure you are covered appropriately for your needs.

If you are a First State Super member, you can view you cover easily online via our online portal.

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your age, marital status, how many dependent children you have, and your pre-tax salary.

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