Choosing the right investment option can have a big impact on how long your super savings last. So it’s important that your choice reflects your financial needs and attitude to investment risk.

Most super funds offer a variety of investment options with varying levels of risk.

In investment terms, risk is described as the chance that the actual return will be different to the expected return. As a long-term investment, your super will be exposed to many market cycles and different levels of risk.

If you don’t plan on accessing your super any time soon, putting your money into investment options with more growth assets (shares and property) is probably the best strategy.

But if you’re planning to access your super in a few years’ time, you might not have time to recover from any short-term blips in the share or property markets.

In that case, a more conservative investment choice with more fixed interest and cash might be a better plan.

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If you don't choose an investment option, your contributions will be automatically paid into your fund’s default investment option.

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First State Super offers a choice of 12 investment options. If you’re unsure which one is right for you, you can talk to a super adviser. There’s no cost because it’s covered by your annual membership fee.

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