Your needs, goals, and hopes for the future are at the centre of our comprehensive advice.

We can help you work through more complex financial matters by taking an all-inclusive view of your personal situation. Your planner then translates this bigger picture into achievable steps to help you reach your goals.

Your financial planner can do things like estimate how much you will need for retirement, align investments to your goals and life stage, or maximise your tax benefits inside and outside super. What they cover will depend on your personal situation and what you want to achieve.

Get the basics down first

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What to expect

  1. Getting to know you

    We want to know what’s important to you — your lifestyle and financial goals.

    Your first meeting is about getting to know you and there is no charge or obligation. Before progressing, your financial planner will take you through the next steps and will discuss any fees and charges.

  2. Bringing your plan to life

    By having a clear understanding of your lifestyle and goals, your financial planner will be able to develop strategies to help you achieve them. 

    You'll receive a tailored set of recommendations and we’ll talk about the sorts of hurdles you may come across in reaching your goals, and how best to tackle them. 

    For any recommendations that we make, we will take you through the risks and costs involved. If you’re comfortable to move ahead, our team will do all the heavy lifting to put your plan into action.

  3. Putting your plan into action

    How long this takes will vary depending on the complexity of your plan. During this time, we’ll keep you fully informed and where appropriate, your planner will work with specialist professionals, such as an accountant or solicitor.

  4. Keeping on track with your dedicated planner

    Our ongoing review service for an additional cost, ensures your plan is adjusted for changes to your personal circumstances, the economy, investment markets and legislation — ensuring you stay on track to achieve your goals. You have peace of mind with assistance with any queries at any time. Or you can access advice on demand and meet with your planner to update your plan when you need to and pay for the advice you receive as you go.

Our financial planning partners have detailed and up to date knowledge of First State Super and the unique needs of our members. And their objective is to provide you with information and advice that meets your needs.

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