Work towards a better financial future, one decision at a time.

Knowing where to turn for financial advice can be hard, especially when you may not even know what questions to ask or where to start.

Talking about your super can help build your confidence when making decisions about your future.

A superannuation adviser can talk you through the basics of managing your super and help you get more out of your membership with us.

Simple advice is already included in the cost of your membership – so there’s nothing more to pay.

StatePlus, our financial planning business, is responsible for providing you with simple advice. They always have your best interests front and centre, and only give you information to help you succeed.

You don’t need to be asset-rich or have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. An interest in
your own future is the only thing you need to make an appointment.

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What does simple advice cover?

Simple advice can help you understand what's possible and the super rules that apply.

A superannuation adviser can talk to you about how to choose an investment option, what to think about when assessing your insurance needs and explore how much you could be contributing on top of your employer's contributions.

If you’re thinking of leaving work permanently, they can talk to you about different ways of accessing super and meeting your lifestyle goals.

You don’t need to be approaching retirement to benefit from financial advice. No matter what stage of life you’re in, a superannuation adviser can help you look at things from a different perspective and discover new ways to make your super work harder.

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The kind of help you can expect

  1. Choosing an investment option

    Answer a set of simple questions to determine how comfortable you are with taking investment risks. Based on your answers, and after further discussion, you’ll know which First State Super investment options are appropriate for your particular circumstances and attitude to risk.

  2. Insurance gap analysis

    Talk through and consider how much insurance you need to protect yourself and your family in the event of illness, injury or loss of life.

  3. Superannuation contribution options

    Understand the difference between concessional (before-tax) and non-concessional (after-tax) contributions, find out about the different types of contributions you can make and decide on a contribution strategy that will suit your circumstances.

  4. Starting a retirement income stream

    Get a better understanding of how to start an income stream - the process and benefits, and help setting up a tax-effective income stream to suit to your personal situation.

  5. Total & permanent disablement payout

    If you’ve successfully made a claim for total & permanent disablement, it’s a good idea to understand the payment options and (if appropriate)  get some general advice about how to use the payment to start an income stream.

  6. Reviewing payment amounts from an income stream

    If you have an income stream with us, your regular payment must be between certain minimum and maximum limits set by the government. Get help when deciding an appropriate amount for you.

  7. Retirement income stream projection

    Understand how long your retirement income stream money will last based on your current income drawdowns. You’ll receive a projection based on your current situation and, if you would like to change your income payments, we can provide a comparison of the difference in your retirement savings if the payments are adjusted.

  8. General advice

    You can access general advice on a wide range of financial topics such as retirement options, nominating beneficiaries, Centrelink, superannuation consolidation, redundancy and estate planning.

What you need to know

The cost of simple advice is included in your membership. You can talk to a superannuation adviser over the phone at no additional cost to you.

Fees are payable for more complex advice (Comprehensive advice), including advice that looks at your financial situation outside super. You agree the amount in writing before they are charged, and may be able to have them deducted from your super account.

If you call us we will connect you with StatePlus who will talk to you about your needs and provide the right type of advice for you.

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