The costs of aged care can create stress for families. Understanding how the costs relate to you or your loved ones’ personal situation can give you peace of mind.

Whether you are considering aged care for yourself, a parent or a loved one, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. You can access dedicated aged care specialists who understand the system and can help guide you through the financial complexities of aged care. 

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How an aged-care specialist can help

If you are thinking about a move into an aged-care facility, an aged-care specialist can provide you with financial clarity so that you understand how the cost relates to your circumstances.

They can help you:

  • identify the costs that will apply
  • structure the costs so the aged care is affordable in the short and long term
  • decide what assets should be kept or sold, including the family
  • develop strategies to maximise any government benefits
  • available, including the Age Pension, and talk through estate planning complexities.

Make an appointment for a consultation with an aged care specialist about the key decisions that lie ahead, the options available to you or your loved ones, and the cost of any advice.

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