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Super investment performance for periods ending 31 December 2016

Income stream

Income stream investment performance for periods ending 31 December 2016

What you need to know

*FYTD means Financial Year to Date starting from 1 July.

Your investment returns are calculated after allowing for tax on investment income and investment management expenses, but before the deduction of administration fees from your account balance.

Neither the investments of First State Super nor payments of capital to members are guaranteed by the Trustee.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator nor is it a guarantee of future performance. The value of investments can rise or fall. 

Reporting of past investment performance following the merger of the First State Super and Health Super investment options

On 1 July 2012 all Health Super investment options were closed and merged into a comparable First State Super investment option.

Investment performance for the merged investment options for periods prior to this date are calculated using a weighted average return. Returns are calculated by multiplying the proportion of money in each fund by the investment return of the fund.

View the unmerged past performance to 30 June 2012 here.