Combining your super is now easier than ever before, plus you can reduce paperwork and track down your lost super.

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Using our search and combine tool, you can put your super in one place in just a few minutes.

It’s free, quick and painless. All you need is your member number, and a few personal details you should know off by heart.

Combining your super means less paperwork, freeing up your time for better things. Best of all, it can make a big difference to your total super balance when you’re ready to leave work.

Don’t let your super get lost

Because we tend to ‘set and forget’ with super, it’s easy to leave money behind when you start a new job.

Almost $18 billion currently sits with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) in unclaimed super.According to the Australian Taxation Office as at 30 June 2017.

If you’re among the many Australians with more than one super fund, there’s a good chance some of it could be yours.

In many cases, there are few benefits to having more than one super account.

In fact, if you’re not adding to it, the balance may be slowly eaten away in fees and charges.

And if a super fund can’t reach you because you’ve moved house or changed names, they might even transfer your money to the ATO – that’s how super gets lost.

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How super gets lost

  1. Changing jobs

    Super most commonly goes missing when you change roles and start up a new fund with your new employer. It’s easy to stop this from happening by completing a ‘choice of fund’ form when you start your new job.

  2. Moving house

    If you lose touch with your previous fund, they’ll have no way of notifying you before your super gets sent to the ATO. Combining your super means you won’t need to update your personal details with multiple funds.

  3. Getting married

    Changing your name can also make it harder for previous funds to reach you. It could also result in multiple accounts with the same fund. Combine your super now and rest assured that you aren’t paying unnecessary fees on old accounts.

Make an informed choice

Before combining your super, be aware of any fees or taxes you may incur before leaving another fund.

If you also have insurance through super with another fund, it won’t be automatically brought across to us. It’s worth considering what insurance you might need to either apply to transfer across or replace when you move funds.

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