Personal values drive the way you manage your money elsewhere, so why should your super be any different?

As a member, you can choose to invest all or part of your super in one of our two socially responsible investment options.

We offer a pre-mixed Diversified Socially Responsible option that balances Australian and International equities that meet specific screening criteria with other investment options in alternatives, fixed income and cash. 

If you prefer to invest your super into single asset classes, you can put a proportion of your super directly into socially responsible Australian equities.

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What we look for

Our investment managers use positive screening to find organisations that are doing business in a sustainable way.

That means they’re committed to creating positive outcomes for society and the environment through clean technology, waste emission reduction, recycling and other sustainable initiatives.

We also look at good work place practices, sound corporate governance procedures, and high environmental standards.

What we rule out

Our socially responsible investment options do not include organisations that receive more than 10% of their annual revenue through the manufacturing of weapons, uranium, tobacco, pornography, alcohol or gaming.

We also rule out organisations that practice forest logging or inhumane animal treatment.

In 2015, we withdrew our socially responsible investment options from all companies that source more than 20% of their operational revenue from coal, oil and gas.

For our full set of criteria please view pages 14-15 of our Investments Member Booklet Supplement.

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