Personal values drive the way you manage your money elsewhere, so why should your super be any different?

As a member, you can choose to invest all or part of your super in one of our two socially responsible investment options.

We offer a Diversified Socially Responsible option with positive and negative screens —including a fossil fuel exclusion — across all asset classes.

If you prefer to invest your super into single asset classes, you can put a proportion of your super directly into socially responsible Australian equities.

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What we look for

Positive screening means actively identifying companies with sustainable products and services, or with strong environmental, social and governance performance.

This includes companies that rate well in the following areas:

  • Ethical considerations – upholding fundamental human rights, and articulating and implementing a code of conduct.
  • Labour standards – including Occupational Health and Safety, International Labour Organisation standards, working conditions and the exclusion of child labour.
  • Social – including promoting indigenous relations and community involvement.
  • Environmental – including efficient energy and resource use and product stewardship (for example, where a company considers the lifecycle of the product, from manufacture to the extent to which the product can be recycled).
  • Governance – meeting corporate governance guidelines on board structures and remuneration. Additionally, investment managers and funds will also be well regarded if they actively participate in corporate engagement and governance initiatives.

What we rule out

Our managers exclude companies operating within sectors with recognised high negative social impact, including companies with material exposureMaterial exposure constitutes more than 10% of total revenue to the production or manufacture of:

  • tobacco
  • nuclear power (including uranium)
  • armaments
  • gambling
  • alcohol
  • inhumane animal testing
  • logging (of old growth forests)
  • pornography  
Fossil fuel exclusions

From 2015, we have also excluded companies that source more than 20% of their operational revenue from coal, oil and gas. This reflects growing concern among members about climate change and our holdings in companies linked to fossil fuels, specifically coal and unconventional coal seam gas extraction (fracking). View more information below.

With the combustion of fossil fuels being the main source of global greenhouse gas emissions, our socially responsible investment options seek to limit exposure to the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels by excluding any company that has more than a 20% exposure to:

  • mining thermal coal
  • exploration and development of oil sands  
  • brown coal (or lignite) coal-fired power generation
  • transportation of oil from oil sand 
  • conversion of coal to liquid fuels/feedstock.

Additionally, to complement the above, we apply the following exclusion criteria:

  • Companies that source more than 20% of their operating revenues from:
    • the production and sale of fossil fuels, including thermal and coking coal, oil and natural gas, or
    • the transmission/transport of fossil fuels for the purpose of exporting and or non-household use (e.g. power generation), or
    • the production and sale of fossil fuels and who own or have the intention/purpose of exploration and/or development of proved or probable fossil fuel reserves.  
  • Companies substantively involved in unconventional coal seam gas extraction (fracking).
  • Companies found to have been complicit in excessive or unauthorized emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases.