On 1 April 2020, we introduced some improvements to make sure you get even better value from your retirement income stream by reducing the overall cost of your pension.

What this means for you:

Product Saving per year* ($)
Transition to Retirement Income Stream  $500
Retirment Income Stream $225 - $500
*based on a $250,000 account balance, dependent on investment option(s) held.

We work hard to make sure our financial position remains strong, and by using this discipline alongside our size and scale we’re able to continue to drive down costs for our members, even in the current environment.

You’ll be paying one of the lowest fees in market^1

If you’re considering a retirement income stream our new prices mean we’re now one of the most competitive funds on the market for pension products. All current members of our Transition to Retirement Stream and Retirement Income Stream products will also see an overall price drop.

All backed by one of Australia’s largest profit-to-member retirement providers^2.

Investments managed specifically for your retirement needs

 We treat investing for retirement income streams differently to super. 

We understand that two of the key goals in retirement for our members is having access to a reliable income stream and that the money they have saved in accumulation phase meets their retirement goals.

That is why we balance the need for income generation with the need for returns above inflation to deliver a retirement focused offering to our members.

Our focus is on long-term investing, and although your retirement income stream may experience some negative returns during periods of extreme market ups and downs, we only take on risk that aims to adequately reward you over the long term. 

It’s good to be with a fund trusted by members

Some of the people we trust most in life like our nurses, doctors, paramedics, teachers, police and health service workers trust us with their super and retirement money. We’re open to all Australians and proud to work for those who are working so hard for all of us.

Options that work for you

There are different ways to manage your pension as a source of steady income. Discover what’s right for you and explore the range of helpful tools, calculators and services.

Learn more about my options 

  1. Chant West Pension Fee Survey, December 2019

  2. DEXX&R Industry Market Share Report, June 2019