We offer different income streams to cater for different styles of retirement. Whether you’re looking to wind down to part-time work or start your next chapter, we’re ready to help make it happen.

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Start an income stream in five steps

  1. Read the member booklet

    Our income stream member booklet covers off how it all works, from choosing an investment mix to nominating a beneficiary.

    Download the Transition to Retirement Income Stream Member Booklet

    Download the Retirement Income Stream Member Booklet

  2. Work out how much you need, and how to get there

    Our calculators can give you an idea of how much money you need, but for a tactical plan to optimise your super in a specific time frame, speak to a financial advisor. 

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  3. Put all your super in one place

    If you’ve got super in multiple funds, combine them before opening an income stream.

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  4. Decide how often and how much you want to receive

    When you apply to set up an income stream, think about how long you need your money to last, and how often you want to receive payments. This is something you will need to tell us when you fill out an application form to transfer to an income stream.

  5. Nominate who gets your money when you die

    A binding nomination or reversionary nomination protects the financial future of the people you leave behind. You can choose who gets your money when applying to open an income stream. 

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