Responsible investing in the community

Superannuation is likely to be one of the biggest investments you make in your lifetime, so it’s important to understand where your money is invested and why we make the investment choices we do on your behalf.

As one of Australia’s largest super funds, we are committed to earning strong long-term returns for our members. But we are also determined to be a force for good by investing in projects and businesses that contribute to a better future for all.  We recognise that to act in the best interests of our members and maximise long-term financial returns, we must consider the impact of our investments on society.

A number of our recent investments highlight our philosophy of seeking out investments that are sustainable, generate jobs and contribute to a more productive economy. They also support the communities where our members live, work and retire. 

Affordable housing

The availability of affordable rental housing is a growing challenge for the community. As demand steadily outstrips supply, more and more people face a long commute between home and work. 

This is particularly true for our members working in community service occupations such as health, education, policing and emergency services, who often must relocate, or travel long distances, to their places of employment.

To address this chronic shortage, we work with governments, community housing providers and developers to explore opportunities. To date, we have secured four sites for affordable housing across the Sydney suburbs of Miranda, Epping, Waterloo and Hurstville. 

When developed these properties will make available up to 187 units and will be rented at 20% discount to market rent to key workers, such as teachers, nurses, emergency services and social workers, for a minimum of five years.

We are actively pursuing similar opportunities in Melbourne as we seek to grow our affordable housing portfolio. Increasing the stock of affordable accommodation goes to the heart of our goal of making a difference in the communities where our members live, work and retire.     

Up to 187 units will be rented at 20% discount to market rent to key workers.

PolAir Facility at Bankstown Airport 

Our investment in Bankstown Airport is an investment in developing the economy of one of the fastest growing regions in NSW. 

A significant milestone for the airport was the beginning of construction for the new NSW Police Aviation branch facility, marked by an official ‘sod-turning ceremony’. 

This development will provide great returns for our members and first-class police aviation wing  for PolAir, which is part of one of our major industry segments, the NSW Police Force. What the facility means is that three new, high-tech police aircraft have their new headquarters at Bankstown Airport.

These aircraft are crucial assets for our community, being used to access areas that have been savaged by fires and floods to support local communities, locate missing people and help keep track of some of Australia’s most dangerous criminals.

This facility will allow the NSW Police Force to continue to grow its capacity and serve the community by keeping them safe.

Lee de Winton, Chief Executive of Sydney Metro Airports (Bankstown and Camden) said, “The facility will change the face of Bankstown Airport, effectively doubling the jobs on the airport to meet the needs of the growing Western Sydney community”.  

Oak Tree Group

We own a majority investment in Oak Tree Group (Oak Tree), which owns, develops and manages retirement villages throughout the east coast of Australia.

The Queensland-based group has established a portfolio of 34 retirement villages located from Cairns to Hobart, specialising in providing affordable, stylish and secure independent living communities for seniors.

Oak Tree recently decided to install solar panels and battery storage in their new retirement village developments. This decision will be welcomed by retirees facing rising energy costs and limited ability to increase their income, potentially reducing energy costs by up to 90%. 

All excess energy generated from each villa’s solar panels and battery units will feed into the main meter and be used to offset demand from the village centre, recreational facilities and common area requirements – reducing village operating costs.

Related benefits include a smaller ‘carbon footprint’, security against future energy price increases and a competitive advantage in the market place for Oak Tree's villages, which may increase their market value.