Sometimes things in superannuation change.

Changes occur in superannuation on a regular basis and information in our Member Booklets (Product Disclosure Statements) and Member Booklet Supplements may need to be updated from time to time. We use this section to inform members about changes to the information in these documents, which are not materially adverse.

Update to current information

Document Reference: Member Booklet
Member Booklet: Retirement Uncome Stream – dated 1 October 2018

On page 4 of the Member Booklet: Retirement Income Stream dated 1 October 2018, it states that for more information on fees and costs, refer to the Member Booklet Supplement: Fees and costs. This supplement, however, does not apply to fees and costs for the First State Super Retirement Income Stream. For more information on these fees and costs, you should refer to the Fees and costs section starting on page 34 of the Member Booklet: Retirement Income Stream.