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The basics of super

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How investment switching works

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Unit pricing and your super account


Take us to a new job

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Super taxes, caps, payments, thresholds and rebates


Super and family law

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FAQs about super

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Top 10 tips


Nominating beneficiaries

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Providing proof of identity

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Additional contributions tax for higher-income earners

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Supported employment

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Adding to your super


About salary sacrifice

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Low-income super support options

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Combining your super

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Managing investment volatility


Socially responsible investing

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Dollar cost averaging

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Understanding the First Home Super Saver Scheme

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Making downsizer contributions


Access to your super

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Access to super due to severe financial hardship

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Early access to super on compassionate grounds

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Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP)

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Redundancy and you

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Insurance and superannuation claims (excluding death claims)

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Police Blue Ribbon insurance claims

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Police Blue Ribbon insurance (excess contributions tax reimbursement)

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Ambulance Officers’ insurance claims

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Quick guide to total and permanent disablement payments

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Claiming a death benefit


A guide to our income streams


How much will you need for retirement?

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Moving your TRIS to a RIS

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Understanding the transfer balance cap

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Overview of the fund

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Great reasons to choose us

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Great reasons to choose us - Application

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Defined benefit information

Defined benefit scheme - deferred (left after 1988)

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Defined benefit scheme - deferred (left before 1988)

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Defined benefit scheme - deferred (pension only)

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Defined benefit scheme - deferred (vested)

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Defined benefit scheme pre-1988

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Defined benefit scheme post-1988

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Contribution limits for defined benefit members

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Boost your super savings
before time runs out

Putting extra money into super before the new financial year may save you in tax

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