Unit prices give you a snapshot of what your super or income stream is worth at a specific point in time. When deciding how you’d like to invest your super, performance over the longer term can give you a more accurate idea of returns.

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Super unit prices*

Income stream

Income stream unit prices*

Please note, on 15 August 2016, the names of three of our pre-mixed options were updated as follows: from Diversified to Growth, from Balanced to Balanced Growth and from Capital Guarded to Conservative Growth.

*Unit prices are quoted in dollars.

How unit prices work

When your super is invested, its value is measured in terms of units that are purchased when your money goes in, and sold when money is withdrawn.

The unit price for each investment option is calculated at the end of each business day by dividing the net asset value of the investment option by the number of units on issue from that investment option.

The net asset value is the value of the assets in the investment option, less investment fees, expenses and tax.

It’s important to keep in mind that your super is a long-term investment. Negative dips in high risk investments often smooth out over the long term.

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What you need to know

Neither the investments of First State Super nor payments of capital to members are guaranteed by the trustee.

Past performance is no indicator or guarantee of future performance. The value of investments can rise or fall.

Unit price history is not available prior to the date an investment option was introduced. The Australian Equities, International Equities, Property, Australian Fixed Interest and International Fixed Interest investment options were introduced on 17 October 2006.

The Australian Equities Socially Responsible Investment option was introduced on 1 May 2009. The Diversified Socially Responsible Investment option was introduced on 1 July 2012.

For more information on unit pricing please read the Member Booklet Supplement: How your super works.

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