We have a team of investment specialists who oversee our investment portfolios and manage a number of investments in house.

We invest in our team so that they have the resources to find opportunities that can create value for our members.

The team is led by Damian Graham, our Chief Investment Officer. Damian is responsible for the investment strategy of both First State Super and StatePlus, the financial planning company purchased by First State Super in 2016, and brings over 25 years’ experience managing equity portfolios and investment teams. 

How we manage your super

The investment team delivers value to members with an approach that focuses on:

  • Active and strategic asset allocation to get the right mix of different investment types
  • High quality research to underpin and improve investment decisions
  • Managing select assets in-house to keep the fund close to the market and return scale benefits to members
  • Active ownership and engagement to drive positive change with companies we invest in
  • Integrating Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process.

Our chief investment officer

Damian Graham

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