We work with a panel of expert investment managers who specialise in different asset types to manage your super.

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Our investment partners

Pre-mixed options

Eley Griffiths Group Pty Limited
Hyperion Asset Management Limited
Northcape Capital Pty Ltd
Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd
Vinva Investment Management Ltd
Redpoint Investment Management Pty Ltd
Adam Smith Asset Management Pty Limited
Airlie Funds Management Pty Ltd
Selector Funds Management Limited

Single asset class option

Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd

Redpoint Investment Management Pty Ltd

Pre-mixed options

Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd
Veritas Asset Management LLP
Baillie Gifford Overseas Ltd
Sanders Capital LLC
Neuberger Berman Australia Pty Ltd
Ardevora Asset Management LLP
Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.
Neo-Criterion Capital Limited
EAM Global Investors LLC

Single asset class option

Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd

Hermes Investment Management Ltd

Pre-mixed options

Ardea Investment Management Pty Ltd
Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd

Australian single asset class option

Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd

International single asset class option

Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd

Diversified Socially Responsible option

Amundi Asset Management Australia Limited

Franklin Templeton Investments Australia Limited
Altis Property Partners
Brookfield Asset Management Inc
Resolution Capital Ltd
Lend Lease Investment Management (Australia) Pty Ltd
Goodman Funds Management Australia Ltd
GPT Funds Management Ltd
Hillwood Investment Properties

Solace Capital Partners, L.P.
Castik Capital Partners GmbH
AE Industrial Partners, LLC
Updata Partners
Odyssey Private Equity Pty Limited
Warburg Pincus & Co
GHO Capital Partners LLP
Adamantem Capital Manager Pty Ltd
FTV Management Co LP
BlackBird Ventures Inc

Note: These are the largest 10 investment managers by commitment amount.

Brookfield Asset Management Inc
Morgan Stanley Investment Management Ltd
Equis Funds Pty Ltd
Blue Sky Water Pty Limited^1 
Capella Capital^1 
Orion Energy Partners LLC

Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited
Bridgewater Associates Inc
K2 Advisors^1
Chatham Asset Management^1
Emso Asset Management Limited^1
Elementum Advisors LLC^1
Insight Investment Management Global Ltd
Darby Servtec Energia GP, LLC^1
ROC Capital Pty Ltd^1

Quadrant Real Estate Advisors LLC
Intermediate Capital Group (ICG)
Westbourne Credit Management Ltd
Bain Capital Credit, LP

First State Super Trustee Corporation
Colonial First State Asset Management (Australia) Ltd

State Street Global Advisors, Australia, Limited

What you need to know

The FSS Trustee investment team performs a cash flow and portfolio re-balancing function for the pre-mixed investment options using distribution accounts in the Australian equities and international equities asset sectors.

Our consultants

We appoint an asset consultant to advise on appropriate asset allocation for each of the investment options and provide research on managers in each of the asset sectors, including an evaluation of the manager’s investment style and its suitability to complement other current and potential managers.

We also engage specialist consultants as required to assist in providing our Trustee Board with specific advice relating to various discrete asset sectors.

Our custodian

On 1 November 2016, State Street Australia Limited was appointed as our custodian. Generally, the custodian values the fund’s investments on each business day, and monitors each investment manager’s daily activity.

  1. Indicates managers that are applicable to the Diversified Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) option for the relevant asset class.

    Please note, 'Other alternatives' was previously called ‘Dynamic multi asset’.