Everything from our investment returns to the way we deliver customer service is geared towards helping your employees feel future ready.

One of the reasons employers choose us is our ongoing commitment to doing the right thing by your people.

We are one of Australia’s largest industry funds providing superannuation, advice and retirement solutions to those who teach, nurse, care, respond and help others in our communities.

Low cost, low maintenance super options

As a MySuper authorised fund, we're part of a select group authorised to be your default super fund. So when you register for our clearing house, you can have peace of mind that you’re making contributions in a way that’s quick, efficient and government compliant.

Being MySuper authorised means we’re able to offer a low-cost and low-maintenance way for Australians to manage their retirement savings through our default super product, the MySuper Life Cycle strategy.

We also continuously strive to keep our costs down so our members can enjoy a better retirement.

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How we invest your employee’s money

When your employee doesn’t make an active choice about how they’d like to invest their super, it automatically goes into our MySuper Life Cycle strategy.

The strategy tailors the investment mix to their stage of life, so as members get closer to needing their super for retirement, we shift away from longer-term investment options to protect their money from market fluctuations.

If your staff don’t want to invest in a default option, they have a range of other investment choices that are designed for different time frames.

Or, if they want a greater sense of control, they can mix single assets with a range of high and low growth choices.

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Cost-effective insurance

Through us, you can offer your staff automatic insurance with no underwriting for Death and Total and Permanent Disability (subject to eligibility criteria and our insurer’s conditions).

They can also apply for start-up bonus cover and potentially increase their protection by answering a few extra questions within 90 days of joining us.

Because we’re a large fund with bulk buying power, we can give our members a competitive premium that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access.

We also receive a tax rebate on our insurance premiums, which is a cost saving we pass on to our members.

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