The MySuper Product Heatmap from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) provides assessments of the performance of every MySuper superannuation product.

First State Super was one of only six funds to outperform the benchmarks in all categories.

The APRA Heatmap uses a graduating colour scheme to provide credible, clear and comparable insights into MySuper products across eight metrics in three areas: investment performance, fees and costs, and sustainability of member outcomes.

When an entry on the heatmap is colourless it means what that particular MySuper product outperformed the benchmarked average for that area.

Across all eight metrics defined by APRA in their inaugural heatmap First State Super received a colourless grade, which means our MySuper product outperformed the benchmarks set by APRA in all categories (one of only six superannuation funds to do so).

While this result is pleasing, we know we can do more and are constantly working to lower our fees and improve our returns to ensure our members get the best result from their super. 

In aide of this goal, we announced a fee cut in December and are working hard to continue to provide the best possible products and services for the lowest cost to our members.

First State Super is focussed on putting our members’, your employees, financial future first. Ensure you’re making most of the services we can offer by engaging with our Learning and Development Team.  

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