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Welcome to First State Super. We’re so happy to have you on board as a registered employer.

Here you’ll find the resources you need to get started and manage your super obligations. Take a moment to get to know the team and learn about the services we provide employers and members, in our featured welcome videos.
Now it’s easy to offer your employees access to one of Australia’s largest industry super funds. We’re helping over 52,000 employers like you feel future ready by providing the right support and advice, when you need it.

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Resources for you

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Resources for your staff

Choice of fund form

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Member booklet

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Member Booklet Supplement: Insurance – Employer Sponsored


We're here to help

From technical and administrative support to tailored workforce solutions, we provide the right support and advice. To find out more, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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It’s easy to make First State Super your default fund in the clearing house, learn how.

Your employer code or employer ID is a unique code assigned to you when you register, to simplify communication and support requests.

Keep a copy of your code handy, so you can reference it in any communication with First State Super relating to your employer account.

Your employer code was sent to you via email, but if you’ve misplaced it just phone us on 02 4298 6013.

With our clearing house you only need to submit ‘one file, one payment’,  which saves you valuable time. Our clearing house is SuperStream compliant and is free for many of our participating First State Super employers – just call or email us to find out if you’re eligible for free access too.

If you haven’t already applied for access to our clearing house, you can apply here.

For employers with less than 20 employees we sldo recommend the government's free solution – the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House.

When you make the first contribution for a new employee, provide their full name, date of birth, gender, residential address and tax file number (if you have it) in the contribution file, and we will automatically create a new super account for them. Be sure to include their email address and mobile number so we can send them their new membership details too.

If your new employee is already a member with us, please include their member number with their first contribution.

Yes. Before offering a new employee the option to choose a super fund, employers must nominate a fund that you will pay their super into if they can't or don't choose their own fund. That fund is your default or employer-nominated fund.

You need to provide us with an employee’s tax file number (TFN) within 14 days of them authorising its release, or send the TFN when you make their first SG contribution.

The ATO imposes penalties for not providing TFNs within the required timeframe. There are also consequences for the member, for example employer contributions, including salary sacrifice, will be taxed at 46.5% instead of 15%; we will not be able to accept any after-tax (non-concessional) contributions; and, employees will not be eligible for the government co-contribution scheme.

Making contributions is quick and easy. Instructions are included in the Employer Handbook as well as in the Clearing House Guide.

If for any reason you are having trouble making contributions, just phone us on 02 4298 6013.

Employers are required to make super guarantee (SG) payments at least quarterly.

Learn more: Super guarantee quarterly due dates.

Superannuation rules are often changing, and it’s important you understand and meet your obligations to avoid penalties.

Our Super Oracle is a handy reference, where you can find up-to-date, relevant and practical information to help you learn more about your superannuation obligations. Topics include choice of fund, salary sacrifice, key tax and superannuation thresholds, and more.

If you have any questions, you can always call us on 02 4298 6013.

You can find the Contribution Refund form on our website, but enquiries like these are often a bit more complex, and are usually best solved by giving us a call on 02 4298 6013.