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Low fees2, strong long-term returns* and superannuation advice at no additional cost.

These are just some of the many good reasons to switch to First State Super, a profit-to-member industry fund.  

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  1. We have some of the lowest fees in the market

    Our total annual fee of 1.10% for our Growth option is amongst the lowest in the industry, where the average is 1.45%. For retail super funds (such as AMP, BT, Colonial First State etc) the average is even higher at 1.60%.2

  2. Strong long-term returns

    Our Growth option returned 8.18% over a ten year period ending 30 December 2019, compared to the industry average returns of 7.9% for the same time period as quoted in Chant West 2020 ‘2019 A Standout Year For Super Funds’. Investment returns are not guaranteed and past performance is not indicative of future performance. See here for current returns.

  3. We provide trusted advice and support

    We have the largest member-owned financial adviser network of 220 qualified financial planners in Australia. Your first appointment is no cost, no obligation. If you decide to proceed, a fee will be payable for the plan. And unlike some retail funds our financial planners don’t receive commissions. Our members can also access simple advice from a superannuation adviser at no extra cost as part of their membership. 

  4. An award-winning fund

    For the last ten years we’ve achieved the highest platinum rating by SuperRatings3, recognising our product features, performance and member services.  Chant West, another independent ratings agency, has awarded us their highest 5-Apples rating each year since 2005 for our personal and pension products, and the Best Fund for Integrity 2019.

  5. Joining is quick and easy

    We know life can be busy so that’s why we’ve made it easy to join. You can join online in 3 simple steps here.

  6. Leading the way in responsible ownership

    We benefit our members, their communities and the broader society through being a responsible investor and owner of asset, that create jobs, address climate change and meet sustainability criteria.

  7. Support through webinars and seminars

    ​We have recently launched free public Webinars with information to help you make the best possible financial decisions at this time.

    ​We also run over 300 educational seminars available across Australia each year. Things are tough right now, but we’re here to help.

  8. We invest in a better future for our members

    Investing ethically doesn’t mean having to sacrifice performance. We believe in both investing for good and investing to provide members with better returns.

    That’s why our investments include hospitals, environmentally friendly developments, renewable energy, agriculture and aged care facilities. 

  9. Profits go to you, not shareholders

    Unlike some other super funds and more specifically retail funds, we’re a profit-for-member fund. So instead of going to shareholders, our profits go back into member benefits and other services to help you get the most out of your super.

  10. Our retirement fees are amongst the lowest4

    With First State Super’s recent retirement income stream fee decrease you could be around $6,0005 or more better off in retirement.

    You can find out more about how we compare as well as the recent fee changes and other improvements here.

    Before joining you should consider our fees, performance, insurance options and other features which are all covered in our Member Booklets.

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Join a fund that's a top 10 performer*

*Our growth and balanced growth options delivered an average return of . 7.02% per annum and 6.29% per annum over the past ten years for the period ending 31 March 2020 and ranked within the top 10 funds of the SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index and SuperRatings' SR 25 Conservative Balanced (41-59) index respectively.  Investment returns are not guaranteed, and past performance is not an indicator of future performance. See here for current returns.

1. Member numbers as at 7 April 2020

2. Our administration fee is $1 per week plus 0.15% p.a. of your account balance (capped at $750 per year). The industry medians are $1.50 per week and 0.24% p.a. Source: SuperRatings Benchmark Report April 2020. The total annual fee for our Growth option is 1.10% p.a., the industry average is 1.45% p.a., Source: Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey, December 2019, based on a $50,000 balance in a Growth option.

3. SuperRatings 10 Year platinum performance rating 2009-2019 for Employer Sponsored, Personal and Income Stream.

4. SuperRatings 10 Year platinum performance rating 2009-2019 for Employer Sponsored, Personal and Income Stream Chant West Pension Fee Survey, December 2019.

5. Based on the Retirement Income Stream product fees from 1 April 2020 (when compared with Retirement Income Stream product fees prior to 1 April 2020), with a starting balance of $250,000, default balanced growth investment option, over 25 years from age 60, assuming a net investment return of 6% p.a. and inflation of 2.5% p.a., starting with an indexed annual pension payment amount of $12,500.