From 1 June we’ll send important information about your account electronically unless you tell us you want to receive it by mail.

There are lots of benefits to receiving your information electronically instead of by post – it’s easier and more convenient for you to keep up with your super and, of course, you get to do your bit to help the environment.

How you’ll receive your information from 1 June

You’ll receive information about important super changes that could affect your account by email (if we have your email address). For any personal account information, such as your annual statement, you’ll receive an email or app alert (available soon) to let you know when you can view this information in your Document Centre (if you’ve registered for online access).

If you don’t have an email address

You’ll receive essential information by mail if we don’t have your email address. You can still update your communication preferences by calling the Service Centre on 1300 650 873. If you provide your email in the future you will need to update your preferences to continue receiving your information by mail.

To receive your information by mail

You can choose how you receive your annual statements, important notifications and other information about your account - either electronically or by mail. 

Complete the Communication Preferences form below to update your communication preferences.

Communication Preferences Form

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Tell us how you would like to receive essential information about your super