When compared to the average retail fund our members could have $42,373 more over 15 years^.

As one of Australia’s largest profit-to-member industry super funds, we have the size and scale to provide you with, low fees1, strong long-term returns*, a diverse range of investment options, as well as access to the right support and advice.

How we’re different to retail funds

Unlike some retail funds which are owned by banks and insurance companies such as AMP, MLC, BT Super, One Path, Colonial First State Super, we’re owned by our members.

So instead of going to shareholders, our profits go back into member benefits and other services to help you get the most out of your super. It feels super good knowing you could have more in your super.

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Better returns than retail funds

Our members can be thousands of dollars better off with First State Super over 5, 10 and 15 years, compared with the retail super funds average, as shown in the table below^.

The graph shows the net benefit a member would have after 5, 10 and 15 years based on a $50,000 starting balance and employer super contributions on a $50,000 annual starting salary, as at 31 December 2019. Past performance is not a reliable indicator or a guarantee of future performance. Outcomes vary between individual funds.

^Net Benefit Methodology: Comparisons are modelled by SuperRatings, commissioned by First State Super3. It uses the SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index. The table shows the average difference in ‘net benefit’, a measure of investment earnings after fees (admin, investment and member fees) and taxes have been taken out. View the net benefit methodology and assumptions.

Lower fees than retail funds

At First State Super, we keep our fees low. In fact, First State Super’s total annual fees are 30% lower than the average of some retail super funds*.

*Source: Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey, December 2019 for growth multi- manager investment options (61-80% growth assets). Calculations based on a superannuation balance of $50,000. The fees shown include administration and investment fees and costs and are gross of income tax. The table shows the average difference of fees of the main growth multi-manager investment options surveyed in December 2019 (97 Super Funds and 19 Retail Funds (master trust funds) tracked by Chant West. Outcomes vary between individual funds.

Other great reasons to switch to First State Super

  1. Investing in good for greater returns

    Investing ethically doesn’t mean having to sacrifice performance. We believe in both investing for good and investing to provide members with better returns.

    We’re dedicated to making meaningful investments that make the world a better place and that can have a big impact on our economy, the environment and future generations. That’s why our investments include hospitals,  environmentally friendly developments, renewable energy, agriculture and aged care facilities.

  2. We provide trusted advice and support

    We have the largest member-owned financial adviser network of 220 qualified financial planners in Australia. So, you can feel confident setting up your financial plan for today, retirement and beyond.

    Your first appointment is no cost, no obligation. If you decide to proceed, a fee will be payable for the plan.2

    Our members can also access simple advice from a superannuation adviser at no extra cost as part of their membership. And unlike some retail funds our financial planners don’t receive commissions.

  3. Manage your super easily

    You can easily manage your super anytime, anywhere with our award-winning app. You can view your balance, change your investment options, download your statement, estimate your future balance, make extra contributions and more.

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Before joining you should consider our fees, performance, insurance options and other features which are all covered in our Member Booklets.

1. Our administration fee is $1 per week plus 0.15% p.a. of your account balance (capped at $750 per year). The industry medians are $1.50 per week and 0.24% p.a. Source: SuperRatings Benchmark Report April 2020. The total annual fee for our Growth option is 1.10% p.a., the industry average is 1.45% p.a., Source: Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey, December 2019, based on a $50,000 balance in a Growth option.
2. Fees are payable for Comprehensive advice, including about your financial situation outside super.
3. SuperRatings Pty Limited ABN 95 100 192 283 AFSL No. 311880 (SuperRatings). The information used in compiling this data comes from sources considered reliable. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Any expressed or implied rating or advice presented in this document is limited to General Advice and based solely on consideration of the merits of the superannuation financial product(s), without considering any person’s particular financial circumstances. The reader should read the Product Disclosure Statement and seek personal advice before making a decision on the financial product. SuperRatings’ research process relies upon the participation of the superannuation fund or product issuer(s). Should the superannuation fund or product issuer(s) no longer be an active participant in SuperRatings’ research process, SuperRatings reserves the right to withdraw the rating and document at any time and discontinue future coverage of the superannuation and pension financial product(s).

*Our growth and balanced growth options delivered an average return of 7.02% per annum and 6.29% per annum over the past ten years for the period ending 31 March 2020 and ranked within the top 10 funds of the SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index and SuperRatings' SR 25 Conservative Balanced (41-59) index respectively. Investment returns are not guaranteed, and past performance is not an indicator of future performance. See here for current returns.