It’s easy to ask your employer to pay your super contributions into your account with us. Simply fill out our choice form and give it to your payroll office.

  1. It's easy

    Download our choice form.

  2. Complete the form

    Enter a few personal details and your member number, which is included in our recent email to you.

  3. Give the form to your employer

    Print a copy, sign it and hand it to your employer.

    Your employer will pay any contributions they make for you, into your account with us. (Keep in mind there might be a delay to allow your employer time to process your request).

Choosing us as your fund

On average most people change jobs 17 times during their career.^1 Starting work with a new employer is one of the ways you can end up with multiple super accounts.

You don’t have to change your super fund when you change jobs. It’s easy to keep your money with us no matter how many jobs you have.

You don’t have to be with your employer’s chosen fund. Your super is your hard-earned money, and you can be the one to decide which fund is best for you.

Keeping your super in one fund can help you save more. Having your super in different accounts means your balance could be eaten away by fees and charges.