Our default Growth option delivered double digit returns of 10.63% for the year ending 30 Sep 2018.

This is good news for members in our default Growth option.

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Our long-term results over the last 10 years are also looking good.  While the annual result is one measure of performance, it’s important to track performance over the longer term. The strong year we just had is backed by a solid performance over the past 10 years, with our Growth option delivering a return of 6.98% between 2008 - 2018, out-performing the industry median.  Super-Ratings ranked our Growth option in the 1st Quartile for the 10-year period.  

Our Growth option performance to 30 June 2018^1

1 Year

10 Year

  First State Super

Super-rating median

First State Super

Super-rating median

Growth 10.15% 9.22% 6.98% 6.37%

Source: Super-ratings Benchmark Report June 2018 and First State Super investment update June 2018.

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  1. Based on SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index median over the past 1, 3, 5 and 10 years, up to 30 June 2018. Our Investment returns are calculated after allowing for tax on investment income and investment management expenses, but before the deduction of administration fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator nor is it a guarantee of future performance. Investment returns can be positive or negative depending on how the market is performing.