• All balances have been calculated as at 11 September 2017.
  • The figure quoted in the projected superannuation balance assumes that an individual will retire at age 67 and that they will be living on a comfortable retirement income until age 90.
  • The salary inflation rate is assumed to be 3.0% per year and CPI at 2.5% per year. 
  • SG contributions are currently 9.5% of salary.  From 2021 it is assumed that this rate will increase 0.5% per year until 2026.
  • Investment returns and administration fees are based on funds being invested in a First State Super accumulation account until retirement and a First State Super income stream account in retirement. 
  • Based on individuals invested in the default investment mix.
  • Investment returns in the superannuation accumulation account are assumed to be 6.25% per year until age 60 and 5.25% from age 60 per year.
  • It is assumed that individuals will roll their superannuation accumulation account into a First State Super income stream account at retirement.
  • Investment returns in an income stream account are assumed to be 5.75%. per year.
  • Administration fees in the accumulation account are 0.15% p.a. of the account balance and $52 p.a. Administration fees in the pension (income stream) account are 0.40% p.a. of the account balance. Insurance premiums are $242 per year.
  • Calculations include the Age Pension based on home ownership. It assumed there are no other sources of income or assets that would affect the means testing for the Age Pension.
  • Age Pension thresholds and rates are as at 11 September 2017.  Rates of payment are indexed in line with Average Weekly Earnings.  Asset and income test thresholds are indexed in line with CPI. 
  • For couples the projected superannuation balance provided is a combined balance and is assumed to be equally split between spouses.

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