Whether it’s our money or our time, donating to local charities is great for the communities we live and work in.

Studies also show that giving to charities promotes physical health and mental wellbeing (not to mention being tax deductible!).

Here are five ways that giving is good for you:

  1. It makes you happy

    Known as the ‘helpers high’, research shows that giving to charities activates the pleasure centres of the brain. This makes us feel happy, which in turn, makes us give more and so the cycle of giving and happiness continues. Couldn’t we all use a little more guilt-free happiness in our lives?

  2. It makes you healthy

    Research shows that giving is good for both your physical and mental health. It can lower your blood pressure, increase your self-esteem, lessen depression and even lengthen your life!

  3. It makes you grateful

    Giving to those with less than you makes you grateful for what you’ve got and being grateful makes you appreciate life more. In the words of Oprah: ‘be thankful for what you have, and you’ll end up having more.’

  4. It promotes generosity

    Giving sets a great example to friends, family and co-workers, creating a never-ending circle of giving. The old cliché ‘what goes around comes around’ is a cliché for a reason. Create a circle of giving around you and everyone benefits.

  5. It gives more meaning to life

    Donating to charity, just like investing in socially responsible funds allows you to define and support the causes that inspire and move you. You can have a real effect on these causes, and through this add meaning and purpose to your life, strengthening your views and beliefs through action.

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