The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) champions responsible investing and a sustainable financial system in Australia and New Zealand.

It has recently released the RI Super Study, which focussed on the evolution of Responsible Investment (RI) among super funds and aimed to highlight the leading practices in the market.

This study covered the largest 50 super funds in Australia regulated by APRA as well as several significant asset owners in our region including the two sovereign wealth funds in Australia and New Zealand. From this study, the RIAA named First State Super as one of the leading super funds for responsible investment.  

As a member of the UN GISD Alliance, responsible ownership is a key belief of ours and we are proud to have been identified as one of the leaders in this space. But the study also had a key finding that we believe is more important. 

RIAA’s RI Super Study found that super funds comprehensively applying RI practices outperform their peers. 

“Analysis of MySuper performance data reveals super funds that employ RI strategies across their entire fund have financially outperformed their non-RI peers over five-, three- and one-year time frames.”

Furthermore, the study highlighted the average difference on returns RI had on MySuper accounts. 


We can see from the above graphic that on average the 13 super funds identified as leaders in the RI space out-performed the other 41 funds by over one per cent across both one-, three- and five-year time frames. As one of the super funds identified by RIAA on the RI Leaders List, we appreciate the recognition of what we already knew – investing in good does not come at the cost of member returns.

We believe this is important as it highlights that being a responsible owner not only delivers for our community, but most importantly for our members as well. Find out what First State Super invests in here

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