Find yourself staring idly into space while brushing your teeth? You could be toning those thighs while polishing your pearly whites!

We all want to exercise, but finding the time tends to be a big road block. Running around from appointment to appointment, you can forget to take the time to actually run!

The science is clear… exercise makes us happier and more productive.

This is a definite plus when you consider happy, healthy people are more likely to live longer, be less stressed, have stronger immune systems and generally report a higher quality of life.

Studies show we can spend up to twenty hours a week doing household chores and daily necessities. By harnessing the power of multitasking and combining that time with exercise, you can maintain your schedules and your health.

We are also more likely to have higher self-confidence, making us more likely to feel comfortable asking for that bit extra at our end of year pay review. And we all know how far a little bit extra can go over the years.

Here are some tips you can use to help stay fit without taking any more time out of your day:

Scrub squats

See how many squats you can do while scrubbing your teeth and try to beat that number each day.

This famous exercise will improve your flexibility and help to strengthen your whole lower body and core.

The stomach squeeze sweep

As you sweep, keeping your back straight, push the broom out as far as you can while squeezing and tensing your stomach muscles, then pull the broom back in. Repeat, repeat, repeat until your floor is thoroughly swept.

Do this in each room every time you sweep and soon enough you’ll have abs of steel to go along with your spotless floor.

Hardcore housework

You can burn up to 250 calories an hour doing housework – that’s the equivalent of a plate of pasta!

Simply chuck on some music, dance around a bit and put a little extra vigour in while mopping and dusting to get that heart rate going. On the plus side, it makes cleaning fun (sorta).

Another benefit of exercise, confidence!

People who do more exercise are more likely to have higher self-confidence. So by burning more calories during multitasking, you might feel more comfortable asking for a bit extra at your end of year pay review. And let’s face it, extra pay is just like extra exercise, a little bit extra can have huge benefits over the long term.

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