We’re excited to announce that we’ve started discussions with WA Super to explore the benefits of a merger.

We are still in the early stages of discussions but have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which allows us to more fully consider if this merger is in our members’ best interests. 

We believe this potential merger has all of the components to be a success. The two funds share a real cultural and value alignment and an absolute commitment to putting our members first.

This potential merger will assist the Fund to continue to build size and scale for the benefit of our members.

These benefits include access to a more diverse pool of global investments and lower fees; not just investment fees, but also administration and trustee fees, which will ultimately deliver a better outcome to our members.

This merger will also enable us to enhance our service to both our WA members and our broader member base by leveraging our truly national footprint to provide extended service hours and support.

Both funds also believe in the value of financial advice and the important role it plays in helping our members to achieve the kind of retirement they deserve.

The current discussions are exploratory only, neither fund has made any decision to merge and there is no obligation to proceed.   

During our discussions with WA Super our members remain our number one priority and nothing has changed in terms of the service and support that our members currently enjoy. 

We expect the due diligence process to be completed by mid-year and will keep our members updated as these discussions progress.