The First State Super Lifetime Achievement award is a new award that recognises an outstanding woman who has dedicated her life to the advancement of women in NSW.

Norma Ingram is a Wiradjuri woman. Born in Cowra, NSW, she has lived most of her life in inner-city Redfern. With a life-long passion for education and Aboriginal politics, Norma is a natural networker, using any occasion to share her culture with others and educate non-Aboriginal people about its importance in today’s society.

The first Aboriginal person to graduate from Harvard University, attaining a Master’s Degree in Education, Norma believes that education and a healthy lifestyle are key for Aboriginal people. She has developed programs that focus on helping provide this for Aboriginal women.

Norma has a rich and varied resume. She has:

  •  Been CEO of both the Metropolitan Local and State Aboriginal Land Councils
  • Managed projects for the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, and
  • Run training programs at QANTAS, TAFE and the University of Technology, Sydney.

Norma has also shared her expertise, sitting on numerous committees and boards of Aboriginal organisations. Her role as Chairperson of the Wyanga Aboriginal Elders Program continues to remind her that Aboriginal stories are essential to the continuation of Aboriginal culture and must be passed on to the younger generation.

Echoing the theme of this year’s awards, we are passionate about creating a more gender-inclusive world. At First State Super, we are committed to helping achieve equality for women through their financial goals today, tomorrow, and well in to the future. With equality for women through their financial goals today, tomorrow, and well in to the future. With the super pay gap between men and women sitting at 42% by the age of retirement between men and women, we believe in advocating for change by providing the right support and advice.

Nominations for the 2019 NSW Women of the Year Awards are now open

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