We understand that socially responsible investing is important to many of our members, which is why we were one of the first super funds in Australia to offer two dedicated options.

Our two Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) options – the diversified SRI (pre-mixed) and an Australian Equities (single sector) options – offer you the choice to invest all or part of your super into one or even both options. Both these options seek to balance community accountability with competitive investment returns.

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How are these two socially responsible options different?

We engage investment managers that apply both positive and negative screens to the investment selection process to find organisations doing business in a sustainable way.

Positive screening means actively identifying companies with sustainable products and services, or with strong environmental, social and governance performance. We then apply several negative screens, which will exclude companies operating within sectors that have a negative social impact, including tobacco and logging of old growth forests. 

Are you interested in investing in these options?

You can invest all or part of your account balance and future contributions in either of these options by logging into your online account or completing the form below.

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Not sure if these options are right for you?

Our superannuation advisors can help. They can also talk you through the basics of managing your super and help you get more out of your membership with us. The cost of this service is included in your membership – so you don’t have to pay anything more for this service.

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