There’s a lot to consider when choosing a super fund. Investing in the right fund could mean more money for your future. And more money could give you much more confidence in a long and comfortable life.

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You can see how we compare against other super funds with AppleCheck - an online comparison tool that provides you with an independent, free comparison report of your super fund. It compares apples with apples - which is crucial when comparing super funds - so you can see side-by-side how our fees and investment performance stack up against more than 100 other super and pension funds.

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What to consider when comparing super funds

  1. Fees

    • The lower the better as this will build your savings faster
    • Pay attention to factors like how often the quoted fees will be charged on your account
    • Consider the different types of fees, such as management fees and investment fees

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  2. Investment options

    • Ensure there are options that suit your needs and comfort levels with risk
    • When looking at investment returns make sure your comparison is based on the investment option you want to invest in

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  3. Performance

    • Choose a fund that has performed well over the last 5 years – do not chase last year’s best performer

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  4. Insurance

    • See what cover is available and how much it costs
    • Find out about death and disability benefits

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  5. Service

    • Call us and browse the websites of super funds to see what other services they offer
    • Consider other features and services of the super fund by

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  6. Get the facts

    • Read the fund’s Product Disclosure Statement and other guides to find out about the fund’s feature and services
    • If you are employed, in most cases you can choose the fund that will receive your employer contributions – your employer will tell you if you do not have this choice

Decide what’s best for you

Super is your money and the choices you make now can impact your future. Super comparison websites can help you compare funds in terms of features, fees and investment performance. But first, get informed, by reading about super comparison websites at moneysmart.

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