Financial fraud detective, David, is just as disciplined with his money as he is with training for triathlons. Here he shares why he’s stuck to the same super fund for so long.

David has been hooked on triathlons since he was a teen. An avid traveller, these days he takes his running shoes with him wherever he goes: to New York, where he’s circled Central Park; and to London, where he’s run the length of the River Thames.

“It’s a great way to see the sights and relieve stress,” the 46-year-old says.

The ironclad discipline he applies to competitions has served him well in other parts of his life, too. “Discipline is important,” David believes. “Live within your means. People come unstuck and can’t get ahead. It’s good to put money aside for the future.”

David has an interest in the stock market and spends time searching for financial advice on the internet, reading books and talking finance with his colleagues in the police force – many of whom invest in property.

“It’s great to bounce ideas off other people,” he says. “I’m no supe investor but my finances are going in the right direction.” When he joined the police force 20 years ago, First State Super was the default fund. But he’s never felt the need to shop around, preferring to stick with what he sees as a good fund and a good strategy for the long haul.

Working in the financial fraud unit has made him more aware of his finances and very careful about whom he trusts to handle them. “It makes me question things more,” he says, advising when you’re onto a good thing, stick to it. 

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