As a healthcare worker, Peter's days are far from ordinary, but the 23 year old wants a happy, simple life and is putting money aside now to make it happen.

Peter wanted to be a healthcare worker ever since he was a child. He remembers looking after his grandparents and putting Band-Aids on them – being the one in his family who naturally gravitated towards that caring role. Now he helps others in the community.

“I see people at their best – and worst” Peter says. “It’s about making that little difference in their lives.

Peter has heard many stories from the people he cares for – funny ones, sad ones and everything in between. “Some of my favourite patients are the older ones who served in wars. They have shared some wonderful life advice with me.”

While working casually, Peter never took super seriously. It was only when he started his career that he began to pay attention. “It was then that I realised I needed to make a bit of money and plan for the future,” he says.

First State Super is the super fund for the healthcare industry and a representative spoke to Peter about what was important: how to combine his super from previous jobs and how to invest. After that talk he began salary sacrificing and now makes additional contributions to his super. “I want to invest in super and put the money towards a home deposit. It’s tough out there, so good to get into the housing market while I’m young,” he says.

Peter has invested in the short-term too, buying a car for road trips with his mates. “It hurt the bank account quite a bit, but was certainly worth it,” he laughs. “I love going for drives to the beach, going for bush walks and hanging out with my friends.”

Peter wants a rewarding life. “I want to own my own home, own a few cars, have a nice home with a nice backyard and a pet dog. A happy, comfortable life.”