Five tips to de-stress and manage anxiety at work

Stress levels are dangerously high in Australia

Anxiety can make everyday life seemingly impossible to deal with, as well as taking a huge toll on both your mental and physical health.

In fact, this condition has been proven to affect your whole body, from weight to skin to hair loss. Stress begets stress, so its important to nip it in the bud right where it starts – at work.

Stress levels are dangerously high in Australia – and over 45% of us name the workplace as the chief source.

Below are five easy, proven techniques to combat stress and anxiety in the workplace.

  1. Take a break

    A real break, that is! No catching up on your emails or trawling social media. Put your phone down, go outside and get some fresh air and take a few minutes to meditate (trust us on this one).

  2. Exercise

    Exercise releases endorphins that have been proven to wipe out those pesky stress hormones. Check out these five easy exercises you can do at your desk.

  3. Prioritise

    Prioritising how you spend your time can do wonders to manage stress. So get all of those jumbled thoughts out of your head, jot down a list and get cracking.

  4. Talk to someone

    Sometimes, those worries that seem like the end of the world aren’t such a big deal when you talk them through. Reach out to a trusted colleague, friend or family member – they’re there to help!

  5. Say no!

    Stress often comes from overloading ourselves. Learning how to say no is key to mastering your career and gaining long-term success.