We know that good financial decisions lead to better life outcomes. With many of our members being teachers, we are passionate about supporting those who educate our future generations.

In his submission, Keith demonstrated a strong passion for how project-based teaching could influence how financial literacy is presented and taught in Australia. The scholarship awards him $15,000, enabling Keith to undertake a 5-week international professional development study tour. Previous winners have gained a wealth of knowledge, tools and skills from our global peers which have translated through to our local classrooms.

Before Keith sets off, we sat down with him to talk about his passion for  education and what his hopes are with the scholarship:
What do you love about teaching?

I love it when students are fully engaged in learning and passionate about what is being studied.

Who was your most inspiring teacher and why?

My Year 5 teacher, Mr Bailey inspired me with stories of his life and made me feel anything and everything was possible.

What motivated you to apply for the scholarship?

It would be nice to give something back to the profession. This is my best shot at sharing and building on what I know best.

What is project-based learning and how do you think it will improve financial literacy among students?

When students are given collaborative responsibility to pursue an area of interest, the results can be incredible. They dictate the direction and quality of their study – and not surprisingly, children are infinitely more capable than we give them credit for. Financial Literacy is a new subject and we should deliver it in an appropriately innovative manner.

What do you consider to be the biggest barrier to students understanding financial literacy?

Why would you see the relevance of something to your life, if it presented as another worksheet of meaningless terms and numbers you cannot relate to. Financial Literacy needs to be that great novel you can’t get enough of.  

How do you foresee the experiences of this scholarship enhancing your own teaching practice?

I plan to visit the most innovative Project Design schools in California and the best Financial Literacy schools in New York and London to see if I can blend their approaches and models into something meaningful.

What excites you most about winning the scholarship?

It is the chance of a lifetime to see how the best in the world do their stuff.  I am very grateful to First State Super for this opportunity.

How do you plan to reshape how financial literacy is taught and presented

It would be great if I could play a part in Financial Literacy becoming more accessible to students resulting in them making informed financial decisions when it mattered. I am particularly interested in how we can better incorporate mentoring and the community.

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