It’s never a dull day for firefighter Ana. But with a newly built dream house to enjoy, the 38-year-old is planning for some quieter days ahead.

Ana has been a firefighter for 15 years. “My job has highs and lows – comparable to life,” she says. “Some days are amazing; some are devastating. Having a good support network and being able to talk about it afterwards really helps.”

With three children – two boys and a girl – Ana’s home life is just as action-packed. Family holidays, like a recent trip to Thailand, help them achieve balance. “I try to instil balance in my kids’ lives – fun, money, serious side, fun side,” she says. “We still holiday with friends and family but know that our money is working for us in the background.”

If Ana were to give her children some advice it would be: ‘You need to prepare for the future, but don’t sacrifice the present’. “As long as it all balances out in the end, you’re doing okay,” she says.

Before joining the fire brigade, Ana, worked in hospitality and had super in numerous funds. When she joined First State Super she combined it all to avoid paying fees on all the different accounts.

“It’s been a good way for me to manage the money that’s going to help me when I’m older,” she reflects. “I’ve been able to put my money (into super) and not think too much about it. My money is growing. And I’m happy.”

Ana and her partner recently finished building their dream house on the coast of Newcastle. They’re hoping that in another 15 years they can start to relax a little and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

“We’re saving hard now, so we can sit back in our beautiful home by the sea and not have to worry about money too much.”

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