We work hard to keep our fees as competitive as we can. We want to do even better, so we recently reviewed our pricing to see if we could provide better value for our members. The good news is we’re reducing some fees as a result… and that means more money for you.

For super members

A new cap on the asset-based administration fee

From 1 October this year your annual asset-based administration fee of 0.15% will be capped at $750. So, if you have a balance of $500,000 or more, you’ll never pay more than $750 regardless of how much your balance grows.

Other fees

We’ve also removed:

  • all switching fees, so you no longer pay $25 for each additional investment switch you make in a financial year
  • the $36 exit fee, when you make a withdrawal or rollover your money
  • the No TFN tax recovery fee, if you provide your TFN after your account is opened.

For income stream members

If you have a Retirement income stream or a Transition to retirement income stream you’ll no longer pay $25 for each additional investment switch you make during the year, or a $36 exit fee when you make a withdrawal or close your account.

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