This is an important achievement, cementing our position as one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, and giving us greater scope to support our members.

Our main purpose as a large super fund is to deliver strong, sustainable, long-term investment returns. Increasing our funds under management (FUM) means we achieve greater scale and size, giving us the ability to pass on scale benefits to our members. 

Here’s why scale is so important

  • Scale provides access to a broader range of investment opportunities
  • Being a bigger fund means we can bring more of our investment capability in-house, driving down investment costs, and
  • A large FUM usually means a bigger member base. Having more members reduces the per member cost of services, like administration services and product development.  

How our investment approach helped us achieve this milestone

$100 billion dollars in FUM is a significant amount of money we are responsible for on behalf of our members. We take this responsibility seriously, looking for investments that offer sustainable, long-term returns, but also deliver further benefits to our community, such as jobs growth.

Find out more about why reaching $100bn in funds under management is so important to the fund and our members, from our Chief Investment Officer, Damian Graham.